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Rachael Feuerborn

VP of Founder Experience

Rachael helps founders transform their vision to reality. Every founder sees a larger vision that no one else can see. At 1871, Rachael helps to provide and supervise workshops, mentorship, and resources to take that big vision and break it down into tactical steps to:1. Validate hypotheses on what levers will drive a business forward.2. Effectively tell a company’s story.3. Develop and execute go-to-market strategies.4. Articulate vision and strategy with numbers and data.5. Build a support system of hires, partners, investors, advisors, and stakeholders.Prior to 2019, she was the Director of the Techstars Chicago Accelerator Program, where she planned the execution and managed operations involved in running a high-quality program that helped founders do more faster. Now that she’s at 1871, she’ll take those skills and not only focus on 10 companies, but inspire, equip, and support as many founders as possible regardless of stage, background, or industry.In a previous life, she lived in her hometown of Kansas City, where she worked an office job during the day and dreamed of something bigger at night. Therefore, she decided to pursue a JD/MBA from Northwestern University and fell in love with tech startups shortly after. She stepped into 1871, Chicago’s hub for tech startups, for the first time in August of 2014 and has been passionate about helping entrepreneurs ever since.She plans to someday become a founder herself, but in the meantime, she’ll continue to read and learn as much as she can in between her weekend cook-a-thons and world travels.