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1871 mentors share their experience guiding and inspiring our startup community

| January 31, 2017

At 1871, our network of hundreds of mentors across a variety of disciplines is a vital asset to all of our members.

From marketing to legal, financial to tech, experts who are keenly aware of the challenges and hurdles faced by startups on a daily basis make themselves available for office hours and on-demand chats with 1871 members. It’s tough to walk through any part of our space without seeing a meeting between the mentors who volunteer their time and expertise chatting with an 1871 member seeking guidance in growing their business, solving a problem or figuring our their next step.

While January may be National Mentoring Month, the value having of a dedicated group of talented mentors available to our membership is something we celebrate on a daily basis.

During the month of January, we sat down with some of our mentors to learn more about their time at 1871 working with the members of our community and what mentorship means to them.

Learn more about the 1871 mentors featured in the video above: Andy Friedman | Anne-Michele Harrington | Mary Dombrowski | Rob Pasquesi