Tech Challenge 2021

Qualifier: 9.01-29 | Main: 10.15-16


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🎓 Students or recent grads looking to code, connect, and take charge of their future should join our coding challenge! Rank to win 🤑 cash prizes, expenses paid to come to 1871 for the weekend + get you in front of tech hiring managers.

Hello, coders

1871’s Tech Challenge event connects, inspires, and strengthens the extraordinary talents of students passionate about technology.

This is an incredible opportunity for students & recent grads to sharpen their coding skills and gain a pathway forward into a career in technology.


Those with top scores during the qualifying challenge will be invited to 1871 in Chicago on 10.15.21 – 10.16.21 to participate with others in a fun social networking event and potential employer meet & greet. 

💸  Chance to win from our $10,000 pot of cash
🤓 Opportunity to meet with tech leaders and innovators
⛓ Connections to peers, just as passionate and excited about tech
📨 Your resume placed in front of our network of hiring partners

How you'll participate

The qualifying challenge

9.01.21 - 9.24.21 • Virtual

To complete the qualifying challenge, you need to have a basic understanding of code [ANY LANGUAGE] and problem-solving. 

The challenge will be hosted through an independent group and results will be immediately presented to 1871 following your completion.


10.15.21 - 10.16.21 • Chicago, IL

After all qualifying challenges are taken, the top coders will be invited to attend the main event in Chicago with accommodations and airfare provided! 

These lucky individuals will be given the opportunity to #TakeCharge of their career and have the chance to take home a cash prize!

Win big ca$h

A total of $10,000 will be distributed to winners + random cash drawings throughout the event! 

First Place: $3,500
Second Place: $2,500
Third Place: $1,500
Fourth Place: $1,000
Fifth Place: $750

Thank you to our sponsors

Weekend's agenda

Day 1

 10.15.21 • 1871 
 06:00 PM • Networking @ 1871 w/ dinner

Day 2

 10.16.21 • 1871

08:30 AM • Breakfast
10:00 AM • Final assessment
11:30 AM  • Explore the city w/ lunch
03:00 PM • Ice cream social
03:30 PM • Presentation of awards


Please reach out to [email protected] directly for any questions about this year’s tech challenge.