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Balance for BetterInternational Women’s Day at 1871

Friday, March 8, 2019

Events All Day

1871 // 222 W. Merchandise Mart Plaza, Suite 1212, Chicago IL 60654

Join us as we celebrate the 2019 International Women’s Day theme “Balance for Better” with an empowering day of talks, workshops, and experiences that aim to elevate the voices of women and increase their representation in the workplace and beyond.

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The 2019 Kickoff Breakfast: In Conversation with Neesha Hathi


To kick off International Women’s Day at 1871 and celebrate this year’s theme “Balance for Better,” Betsy Ziegler, CEO of 1871, will chat with Neesha Hathi, Charles Schwab’s Chief Digital Officer and Executive Vice President. Learn about Neesha’s professional journey and her perspective as a leader.

Breakfast will be provided by a vendor from the ChiBuys Program, an initiative to support local, minority or woman-owned caterers.


Maker Fair 10:00am-2:00pm

In between inspiring talks and workshops, pop in to our pop-up shop! Check out our specially curated roster of locally crafted goods — all by women makers. Whether it’s art, home goods, or jewelry, you’re bound to find something you’ll love.


Our workshops are designed to educate, empower, and inspire. Whether you’re starting your own business or seeking tactical tips to advance your career, there’s something for everyone.

Facing Value: Strategies to Overcome Imposter Syndrome


(Track 1: Professional Development) Many women (and men) are familiar with the idea of imposter syndrome – feeling like a fraud in the workplace. However, recognizing that you have imposter syndrome is only half the battle. Psychotherapist Susan Wortman will share strategies that you can use to chip away at imposter syndrome and regain your sense of confidence in moments of uncertainty.


The Entrepreneur’s Roadmap9:30am-11:00am

(Track 2: Entrepreneurship) A great company starts with a great idea, but a great idea will never grow unless you find its underlying value proposition. In this workshop, facilitated by Do Tank, you’ll use the Value Proposition Design (VPD) canvas to explore the customer perspective and gain insight into how major corporations are addressing their customer needs. This will allow you to craft your own value proposition and understand how you are marketing your company to customers.


Investing 10111:15am-12:15pm

(Track 1: Professional Development) Mutual funds. Roth IRAs. Money market accounts. The world of investing can be a vast and intimidating space. Amy Rosenow, CEO of Jugl, will simplify and explain various approaches to investments in order to help you reach your financial goals and close the gender wealth gap.


Financial Considerations for Startups11:15am-12:15pm

(Track 2: Entrepreneurship) There are a number of variables to consider when launching your own business, but one of the most important factors is how you’re controlling your finances. Join a panel of successful entrepreneurs and consultants as they discuss strategies they employed for financing, expense decisions, financial modeling, and more.


Conventional & Non-Conventional Strategies for Fundraising11:15am-12:15pm

(Track 2: Entrepreneurship) Women entrepreneurs only receive approximately 3% of all venture capital funding. Until investments become more diverse, it’s best to have an insider give you the low-down on the process of raising money for your company and the broad landscape of fundraising strategies. Samara Mejia Hernandez, Principal at MATH Ventures, will share insights into when to raise money, how much to raise, different fundraising strategies, and insights into the venture capital fundraising process, in order to empower you to get that money.


Lunch Keynote


Fireside Chat with Jen Poyant and Jen Sabella


The media landscape is changing and Jen Poyant and Jen Sabella are leading the charge. After working for years as journalists and radio producers, both women have built their own media organizations and produced a wealth of empowering, diverse content. Listen to their conversation as they explore the concept of balance on a structural and personal level and share their insights on the intersection of culture, gender, and equality.


Afternoon Workshops

Everyone Can Do Something: Advancing Gender Equity in the Workplace2:30pm-3:30pm

(Track 1: Professional Development) Gender bias is no longer solely overt and explicit. It can show up in subtle, but no less damaging, ways. Sharmili Majmudar of Women Employed will share tactics that any individual, regardless of their position, can use to interrupt gender bias and advance gender equity in the workplace.


Storytelling 1012:30pm-3:30pm

(Track 2: Lessons in Entrepreneurship) Storytelling is a critical skill for entrepreneurs. Your organization’s narrative is your brand — and that affects your ability to secure funding, customers, hires, and more. Steve Johnson of SJConnects Communication, will dissect the importance of storytelling and explain how you can use it to stand out from the competition.


Closing and Reception

International Women’s Day 2019 Closing and Reception3:30pm-4:45pm

Wrap up International Women’s Day at 1871 by joining us for a closing reception to celebrate and network with powerhouse women — and discuss work that still needs to be done. Local organizations focused on the advancement of women in the workplace will be tabling and providing resources on how to get involved in the community.

Refreshments will be provided.


Thank you to our event sponsor Charles Schwab.

Since day one, Schwab set out to challenge the status quo, looking for ways to offer their clients more value and a better experience. Schwab supports all who take ownership of their futures and programs that advance individuals and economies.