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CORPORATE MEMBERSHIPPricing Available Upon Request

The 1871 Corporate Membership enables your team to access the 1871 entrepreneurial ecosystem in a way that furthers your organization’s innovation and broader business objectives. The 1871 Corporate Membership is meant for major corporations in the Chicagoland area.

  • Innovate:
    • Participate in curated innovation programming specific to your organization
    • Learn how to develop a sustainable culture of innovation within your organization
    • Gain exposure to the startups and technologies that are being incubated at 1871
    • Share best practices with corporate peers around innovation and engaging with startups
  • Build:
    • Use our co-working space to develop a skunk work project or internal startup
    • Immerse and inspire your team in our vibrant tech ecosystem during a corporate offsite
  • Learn:
    • Access cutting edge trends and their applications via our 500+ technical and non technical workshops
    • Participate in mentoring office hours with over 700+ industry experts and successful entrepreneurs
  • Source:
    • Work with our full-time recruiters to access a new pipeline and hire the best entrepreneurial talent for your team
  • Reach:
    • Expose the 1871 community (and the 2000+ daily visitors) to your organization through purposeful branding (online and offline) and event collaborations
  • Give Back:
    • Support our annual fundraiser where we will recognize this year’s brightest stars in entrepreneurship and innovation (this is included in the cost of the Corporate Membership)

Every corporate membership is uniquely designed to suit the specific challenges, needs, and objectives of your organization. The 1871 Corporate Innovation Team works closely with you to help your organization achieve its innovation goals.

Is your organization ready to join the leading tech ecosystem in the Midwest? Contact [email protected] to learn more. Pricing is available upon request.

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