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We are extremely excited to announce that we have ​ar​range​d​ for a full-​​time photography service to be available to 1871 members. This is yet another example of our efforts to ​make 1871 ​the ​most dynamic and su​pp​ortive ​organization for​ our member companies.

Here’s how it works:

1871 has contract​ed​ with ​CloudSpotter, an 1871 company itself, to have a full-time ​photography resource on site. The photographer’s name is Greg ​Rothstein and he is a joint employee of ​1871 and CloudSpotter. He will be serving as 1871’s primary photographer for all of our major events, visitors, and other activities in the space. This will help us have high-quality photographs of everything that takes place in ​18​71.

That is only part of what we are accomplishing with this new service. The other part is about ​establishing low-cost, high-quality photo services for members.

Every individual member in the space ​will be eligible for a free headshot courtesy of this arrangement. Once a month, ​Greg will be taking head shots in a two hour block that will be shared with members in our regular communications. Everyone is eligible for this service and photos will be provided to you and your company with basic editing for free. Additional portraits and more advanced editing options are also available at a large discount. This is something that ​1871 sought and secured in the contract surrounding this opportunity​ and we think this is a nice direct benefit of membership​.

Next, all member companies will be eligible to hire ​Greg at an extremely reduced price​ from what you might pay for photography services in the open market​. The cost will be just $60 an hour for on-site services. Because Greg is in the space, there will be no ​travel time required, so ​you will be able to maximize the value of your time with him. Greg will also be available for off-site shoots with advance notice for a nominal additional fee. This is an extremely affordable way to get high-quality, professional photos of the things that you are doing in the space​ for well under half the price you might pay ordinarily​. If you’re having meetups or team meetings, if you want to have a team photo shoot, if you’re ​participating in an event, or if there are other things going on that you think are critical to your business, we highly recommend that you work with ​Greg on these matters. We believe that this will provide massive savings for you and will ensure that you have high-quality, usable photos for your activities.

To sign up for the photo services or to get more information you can email Greg directly at ​photos@1871.com.