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CEC Statement on SB1719

| June 19, 2017

CEC’s primary objective is to support and expand the Chicagoland entrepreneurial ecosystem through its flagship project, 1871. For this reason, 1871 is the city’s central home to entrepreneurs, tech talent, mentors, new and growing companies, schools and universities, venture capitalists, and mature corporations as well – all important parts of what it takes to build businesses that will shape and change the future. What each of these stakeholders has in common is a deep commitment to establishing the next generations of Chicago industry. These entities work closely together every day to foster job growth and economic development.

We are opposed to anything that will negatively effect innovation, investment, or the growth of the new digital/mobile economy. It is critical that we maintain an economy that will produce jobs so that our children can have future employment. To build an ecosystem that sustains companies and will carry the city and state to continued success in the coming years requires forward thinking policies and a concerted effort to insure that Illinois is competitive on every