Set Your Company Up for Success with Advisors, Mentors & Boards

04/19/2022 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm CST Virtual
  • Early Stage
  • Growth Stage

Join 1871 and The Private Directors Association to learn about how mentors, advisors and different types of Boards can help accelerate and lead to the success of your business.

All businesses take support and human capital to build, and particularly rely on support to succeed. For many founders and management teams, knowing when to engage advisors, Advisory Boards and Boards of Directors can be challenging. Balancing the desires of those influencers with the founding principles of the company can be tricky as well. 

We invite all early-stage founders and growth-stage company management teams to join us for this informative discussion, led by Early Stage Committee members of the Private Directors Association. These experts will lead a discussion on the following topics, with a question and answer session to follow

  • How, when, and why early-stage company founders and growth stage company management teams should consider engaging with mentors and advisors, recruiting Advisory Boards, and formalizing effective Boards of Directors during the phases of a company’s life cycle.
  • The differences between a mentor, an advisor, an advisory board member, and an ” official” fiduciary board member.
  • How growth-stage companies can tap PDA members as mentors, advisors, and fiduciary board members.
  • What makes a productive, helpful advisor/board member; what to seek, and what to avoid.
  • How a company develops an advisory board, and later a fiduciary board, and the legal liability implications of each. 
  • How board members are typically paid by smaller growth businesses.
  • What a fiduciary board member can and should do, should not and cannot do, for a company.

About PDA: 
The Private Directors Association (“PDA”) is a coalition of independent board directors, future board directors, and executive leaders, as well as private company owners seeking to hire board members. PDA was founded in Chicago in 2014, and now has about 400 Chicago members, and about 3,000 members nationwide.

PDA is focused on board governance, company risk assessment, and improving private companies’ growth and sustainability. PDA provides education and training to its members on: Board governance, issue-spotting, risk assessment, sustainability, diversity, and growth strategy, to supplement the advisor’s existing industry experience and technical knowledge. PDA provides avenues of experience for PDA members to serve on boards.

PDA’s community includes highly experienced board members, qualified future board members, and mentors, who are available to mentor and advise private companies, including emerging and growth-stage businesses.

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