Supply Chain

Innovation Lab

1871’s Supply Chain Innovation Lab connects growth stage, late stage, and corporate tech businesses that want to solve the biggest challenges and opportunities in Supply Chain.

Current partners: Accenture, Microsoft, Deacero, World Business Chicago, Rheaply, Arkestro, Super Dispatch, Canadian Consulate, Flock Freight

2023 Lab Focus Areas

  • Sustainability by Design
  • Compliance + Risk Management
  • Data-led Innovation 
  • N-Tier Supply Chain Visibility 
  • Customer Centric Supply Chain
  • Automation: Unlocking Human Potential 

“Every organization has their own reason for wanting to innovate…

1871 CXO Stephanie Miller at our  C1 Supply Chain Innovation Lab Summit.

Supply Chain Innovation Lab 2023

Application Phase

Info session

Join us on  05.23.23 & 06.08.23

Key details

3 months | Immersive | Hybrid

Runs: 7.17.23 - 10.05.23

What's included for participants

•Unique benefits per business stages

• Inclusion on 1871 press release

• Immersive  programming by experts

• Community of peers

• Featured at Supply Chain Innovation Summit

Who's in the lab>>

Growth stage startups

Late stage lab partners

Corporate lab partners

Growth stage startups

Late stage lab partners

Corporate lab partners

Built with industry experts

Strategic partner

“Supply chain innovation is essential to drive enterprise reinvention, enabling companies to reach new performance frontiers. Accenture’s collaboration with 1871 and World Business Chicago is designed to help emerging tech businesses focus their innovation efforts on supply chain solutions to accelerate growth.”

Patty Riedl, North America Supply Chain and Operations lead @ Accenture

Join the lab

Growth stage startups

For supply chain tech company with a demonstrated product market fit & poised to grow.

Exclusive benefits
  • Share their product with Corporate partners, strategic investors, and other growth and late stage companies
  • Iterate faster and level up their product and business strategy
  • Tap into advice from industry experts 
  • Gain a deeper understanding of industry trends and positioning
  • Create a network of peers in their industry
  • Amplify your brand at the Supply Chain Summit

Apps now closed

Late stage lab partner

For late stage supply chain tech companies interested in making their name as an industry expert and influencing major industry outcomes.

Exclusive benefits
  • Emerge as a showcased thought leader
  • Network with peers and leaders in your industry
  • Mentor future industry leaders
  • Connect with industry leaders and up-and-coming companies disrupting your industry 
  • Explore curated connections between potential partners across maturity curve (growth to corporate)
  • Amplify your brand at the Supply Chain Summit

Apps now closed

lab partners

For corporates looking to innovate and accelerate supply chain tech solutions.

Exclusive benefits
  • Ability to shape lab focus areas and programming tied to your business and broader  industry needs
  • Connect & network with top tier growth and late stage startups 
  • Curated introductions  related to your business needs and objectives 
  • Mentor future industry leaders
  • Amplify your company thought leaders through workshops and panels 
  • Gain peer to peer access and insights from industry leaders at other partner companies 
  • Seat on 1871’s Supply Chain Innovation Council with like minded industry experts

Apps now closed

Lab timeline


Week 1

7.17.23 - 7.21.23 [Virtual]

Week 2

8.14.23 - 8.18.23 [In-person]

Week 3

9.11.23 - 9.15.23 [Virtual]

Week 4

10.02.23 - 10.05.23 [In-person]

AI Innovation Summit

Capstone event w/ public showcase

October 2023

Supported by

Anchor partner

General partner

Late stage partner

2023 Supply Chain Summit

Join us October 2023 for our second Supply Chain Innovation Summit event to bring early, growth and late stage startups, corporate innovators, mentors, venture capitalists, and community leaders together to discuss the cutting edge of supply chain tech  innovation.