Supply Chain Innovation Lab

Join our year-long innovative lab experience launched with Accenture that brings together innovators & leaders across the entire maturity curve to shape the future of the supply chain industry.

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Program benefits

In this first-of-its-kind year-long program, we’re bringing together early stage founders, growth stage companies, corporate partners, VC’s and industry leaders in the same virtual room to network, collaborate, & tackle today’s greatest challenges in the supply chain industry.

Participating members will receive year-round support for startups & corporate partners, including access to:

  • 4-part immersive experience spanning 12-weeks of programming, leadership panels, & group problem-solving strategy sessions
  • Extensive connections to 1871’s community of members, mentors, & VCs partners
  • Thought leadership opportunities that include options to co-host various industry-focused events

Who’s in the lab

Early Stage startups
From idea to product market fit
Growth Stage Startups
Seed to Series A
Growth Stage Scalers
Series B to IPO
Corporate Partners
With industry-specific challenges to solve
Industry experts
With supply chain & industry specific expertise
Venture Capitalists
With supply chain-specific experience & funding

Important dates

We’re building an innovation lab that is focused on today’s most disruptive technology.

Key dates

Applications open
Info session
Applications close
Supply Chain showcase
Week of 9.12.22

Program breakdown

Our lab will include four immersive weeks throughout the year for startups, growth scalers and corporate partners to connect for curated programming, inspiration and networking opportunities. The weeks include:

Immersive weeks & topics

Week 1 | Strategize
6.27.22 - 7.01.22
Week 2 | Connect & grow
7.25.22 - 7.29.22
Week 3 | Partnership & sales
8.22.22 - 8.26.22
Week 4 | Industry week
9.12.22 - 9.16.22

Join the experience today!

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