BLKtech Voices

1871's public community resource group committed to Black representation and equity in tech!

Advocate, Educate, & Impact

BLKtech Voices aims to foster a vibrant & collaborative ecosystem where the unique perspectives and talents of Black professionals are celebrated and leveraged to drive positive change.


Advocate for increased representation, inclusion, and recognition of Black entrepreneurs and leaders in the tech and business world.


Foster meaningful connections & networks among our members, creating opportunities for collaboration, mentorship, and knowledge sharing.


Provide resources, educational programs, and workshops that empower our members with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their respective fields.


Share success stories and amplify the voices of Black entrepreneurs and leaders to inspire the next generation and break down barriers to success.


Drive positive change by addressing systemic issues, promoting equality, and facilitating a more equitable and diverse landscape in technology and business and the community.

Upcoming events

BLKtech Pitch Comp & Juneteenth

06/20/2024 | 4:30 – 8:00 PM | In-person

You’re invited to our 2024 Juneteenth celebration! Join the 1871 community alongside peers as we gather for an inclusive day dedicated to highlighting Black entrepreneurship and honoring the history and journey towards equality & justice. 

 This year, our Juneteenth celebration will highlight the top 5 Black founders as they pitch & compete in our 2024 BLKtech Pitch Competition!

Offering resources for inclusive innovation

Founded by a committee of Black 1871 team members with the goal of equity, inclusivity, and allyship across all levels of the 1871 team, our members, partners, and the larger tech world. 

Constructing a more
equitable community

At 1871, we’re proud to play an important role in fostering a stronger and more inclusive tech environment, but we also know that this commitment begins with us. 

BLKtech Voices was founded and led by a committee of  Black 1871 members that strive to educate and empower our employees, build a coalition of allies devoted to inclusive innovation, and promote equity across all levels of 1871 through programming and honest discussions.

  • Educate and engage allies through awareness and training programming
  • Encourage constructive discussion with informative roundtable conversations and open forums
  • Create new paths toward continual self-improvement across 1871 and its network of founders, growth-scalers, and innovators