October marks Cybersecurity Month in the U.S., and many organizations (including Zebra) are advocating for you to “Do Your Part to #BeCyberSmart.” But what does that even mean? Locking down Wi-Fi networks? Changing passwords more often? Something else completely?  

Zebra’s Chief Security Officer Mike Zachman says there are several best practices organizations of all sizes can and should be employing to mitigate risks and keep devices and networks well-defended against emerging threats.  

Mike, who was just named to CISO’s Top 100 CISO (C100) list, spends his days monitoring for vulnerabilities, tracking new threats, and recommending new strategies and tactics for Zebra as well as our partners and customers. So, we asked him to give us an honest assessment of the current cyber climate and what types of threats could become most concerning in the coming months. He also explains what you can do to protect your company and customer data against bad actors.  

We hope you’ll spend the next 20 minutes listening to his updates and advice – especially if you’re a Zebra customer or partner.  

Expert: Consider These Cybersecurity Strategies for Your Organization

Listen to the podcast here!

You’ll walk away knowing…

  • what you can do to help reduce the risk of these ransomware, data breaches and other disruptive security incidents within your business environments.
  • what companies and individuals should be doing to protect devices and data in remote work and front-line settings.
  • the security considerations for heads-up displays, ring scanners and similar wearable devices, as well as mobile computers, tablets, and barcode scanners.
  • how printer security strategies have changed in the last year – and why.
  • the extra measures that should be taken to protect business data and equipment now that more data is being sent to the cloud for storage, analysis and redistribution and more operational systems being controlled via the cloud, 
  • what Zebra specifically is doing to help customers lockdown the solutions we provide. 

If you haven’t hit “play” yet, please do so now or bookmark this page to come back to it soon. Of course, we encourage you to share these insights with others in your organization, channel and supply chain. So, please feel free to pass along using the “Share This” buttons on the left-hand side of this page.

And if you ever need recommendations or assistance securing your Zebra devices or corporate networks, you can contact the Zebra Support team here or reach out to your local Zebra representative.

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