J Blaszczykiewicz

Director of Marketing, 1871

1871 introduces WMNtech affinity offerings for women-identifying professionals in technology, including WMNtech Founders & WMNtech Leaders.

1871 announced today that its long-running programming for women-identifying founders & leaders—WISTEM and the Women Leadership Accelerator—are getting new names. 

As part of the rebrand, WISTEM will become WMNtech Founders and the Women Leadership Accelerator will become WMNtech Leaders

The announcement is 1871’s latest step in its ongoing commitment to providing tailored resources and support that help women-identifying professionals embrace their unique strengths and break down the barriers they face. The WMNtech offerings will serve members across 1871’s entire maturity curve, and are specifically designed to focus on the individual’s personal, professional, and leadership development. 

The WMNtech affinity offerings include: 

  • WMNtech Founders, designed for women-identifying tech founders that are building and growing their businesses
  • WMNtech Leaders, designed for women-identifying leaders working within larger tech companies

In addition to the rebrand, affinity offerings will now live under one product suite overseen by 1871’s Director of Affinity Groups. WMNtech Founders and WMNtech Leaders will also serve as the framework for the organization’s other affinity groups BLKtech and LTNtech (fka LatinX), which will launch founder and leader offerings in the coming year. 

“Whether you are an entrepreneur who is building your business or a young professional who wants to invest in your leadership skills, we want you to feel connected, included, and have the opportunity to thrive,” said 1871 CEO Betsy Ziegler. “Today’s announcement is an important milestone in our ongoing commitment to creating a culture of belonging—connecting innovators with the resources, support, and an engaged community. I look forward to welcoming future cohorts of WMNtech Founders and WMNtech Leaders, the next generation of women-identifying entrepreneurs and leaders across Chicagoland and beyond.”

Cohort members of both WMNtech Founders and WMNtech Leaders will gain access to:

  • Personal development programming and coaching 
  • A community of peer-to-peer support 
  • Deep resources and a wide network of allies

WMNtech programming runs bi-annually, with new cohorts welcomed in the fall and spring. Visit our WMNtech Founders & WMNtech Leaders pages to apply to join a future cohort! 

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