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1871 serves as a nexus of knowledge, learning, and guidance for Chicago’s entrepreneurs.


This can only be made possible by our network of dedicated mentors and workshop leaders, who volunteer their time and expertise for the benefit of our member companies.



At 1871, we know that entrepreneurship advice can be found anywhere, but the opportunity to develop a relationship with someone who knows the ropes and can help guide one’s journey is invaluable. That’s why we’ve partnered with more than 500 mentors – successful entrepreneurs, investors, and experts – volunteering their time to help our members learn and grow, totaling over 1,300 mentorship hours a month.

We encourage our mentors to conduct office hour meetings in person at 1871, but in many cases, remote mentoring is a welcome alternative.
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1871 provides, on average, 30 workshops a month across a wide variety of topics and focus areas, including business, marketing, analytics, finance, legal, branding, personal and professional development, leadership, and more. Workshops are constantly tailored and evolved with our member companies’ needs in mind, thoughtfully curated to help educate, inform, and inspire our entrepreneurs to improve all facets of their business. 

Workshops are free to host, and free for members to attend.

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