We’re so excited to launch our first ever NFT collection for our 10 Year anniversary! 

The collection titled “Decade of Innovation” was created to commemorate everything 1871 has accomplished in our first decade, from our beginnings  here in Chicago to becoming the #1 business incubator in the world. Our Fortunate Collisions blog article showcases the positive influence of 1871 on our community through the lens of our amazing members and team both past and present. 

Want to support the continued mission of 1871? All of the proceeds from this 10 year NFT collection will go to continuing our work! 

Consistent with the name and reason for releasing this NFT collection there will only be 10 NFT’s available for purchase in this collection. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be a variety of options for you to choose between including five 1871 plates and five rotating 10’s to commemorate the first 10 years of 1871.  

Our NFTs are named for the influence we have had and hope to continue in the next decade.

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