Tech Talk: What’s Now and What’s Next: The Acceleration of Digital Learning Technologies

04/14/2022 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm CST Virtual
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November 28, 2023
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November 28, 2023
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There is a shift occurring within the learning space. Whether you are looking to onboard new hires and up-skill existing staff after the Great Resignation, or need to train people on new digital technology tools for remote work, the role of learning has never been more important.

External pressures in the form of new regulations, multi-generations of employees and technology evolution is driving change unlike ever before.

What does this mean for organizations already struggling with attracting and retaining their employees? 

How can we use the tech we already have and still capture the benefits of what the new technologies have to offer? 

How can we not only rebuild and realign but grow people’s skills for the future?  

What can new tech provide that will help create an exciting future of learning and growth for companies and employees alike? 

In this month’s Tech Talk we will cover:

  • How external pressures are reshaping the organizational learning function
  • Zoom Fatigue and the challenge of engaging learners remotely and keeping employees engaged in a tight labor market
  • What’s Now and What’s Next- AI, chatbots, blockchain, NFT’s and Web 3.0.

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Moderator- Tiffany Price, internationally renowned speaker, consultant, coach, and owner of Prince Performance LLC, provides training/ facilitation, change management techniques and business strategy processes to a range of companies and industries. She has first-hand knowledge of Technology, US Federal Government, Financial Services and Healthcare sectors.

She has designed and coached international development and change programs in the US and EMEA region, working with Fortune 500 companies. Tiffany has analyzed, designed, and delivered customized leadership and learning programs for internal and external stakeholders, enabling client organizations to meet critical strategic goals. 

Tiffany obtained a master’s degree in Business Administration, majoring in Global Business Management, from Pepperdine University. She has served in multiple board member roles for the Association of Talent Development (ATD) including the President of the Metro DC Chapter, VP of Membership of ATD Chicagoland and served as the National Advisor for Chapters for ATD. She is serving on the Business Intelligence Council of Chief Learning Officer and a co-organizer of the Career and Workforce Development tracks of the Chicago AI Days conference. She was also a member of the Learning Directors Network within the Learning Performance Institute (LPI). 

Tiffany is also the author of, “Top of the Mountain Leadership- The Future of Performance and Productivity in a Technology Changing World”.

Panelist- Emil Heidkamp Along with his team at Sonata Learning, Emil has developed mission-critical training, coaching, and mentoring programs for some of the world’s most recognized organizations, including Fortune 100 companies and international NGOs.  One of his areas of focus is leveraging off-the-shelf technologies to deliver multimedia learning

Panelist- Nancy Munro, CEO of Verbal Transactions, has over 30 years in helping organizations implement and deploy voice enablement solutions.  Nancy has worked with organizations like CVS, AT&T and Microsoft, helping them decipher how best to address performance challenges that align to their structural capabilities and revenue goals.

Nancy has pioneered voice-enabled technologies and simulations in the corporate space and was the first to launch an interactive audio role-playing simulator. Her current solutions leverage speech recognition and AI to provide a scalable and immersive learning application.

Panelist – Michael Slepikas is a global digital learning leader at Aon PLC, a multinational professional service firm with two decades of learning and development experience across industries from semiconductor, network infrastructure, industrial automation, petroleum refining, software development, and business process outsourcing.

Early-on, like many learning and development professionals, Michael built learner-centric innovative learning content as a solid base before expanding into digital learning ecosystems.  Until recently, he has seen organizations challenged to integrate third-party learning providers, enterprise human capital, and learning analytics systems together for low friction learning.  Often, vendor disparate or SaaS designed for mass fit “configure and deploy” models do not play-well together and can lead to long implementation and adoption challenges.

While he has implemented numerous learning systems – his biggest success is building and implementing a custom AWS “myLearning” LXP gateway to bring personalized, mobile friendly, in the flow-of-work learning to Aon’s 55,000 colleagues around the world.  

Outside of work, Michael soaks up outdoor experiences and enjoys the absence of technology to keep the world in perspective.  He believes nature and the great outdoors are perfect for learning – “it’s a chance to really think and wonder without pressure”.  Learning and nature inspires him to keep learning and learning systems simple.

Panelist – Trish Uhl is resident expert for the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) People Analytics accredited development program, founder of the Talent & Learning Analytics Leadership Forum, founder of Chicago-based consulting firm Owl’s Ledge LLC and creator of #CryptoOwls – the world’s first HR-related crypto art NFT drop.

Trish specializes in leveraging exponential technologies, digital fluency and data literacy in the modern workplace to develop people, adaptive workforces and agile organizations. Working with business leaders, people professionals and teams on developing organizational capability and effectiveness to generate sustainable Quadruple Bottom-line Results where people flourish and organizations thrive in creating a world that works better.