Corporate Intrapreneur Meetup

01/12/2024 9:00 am – 10:00 am CST Virtual

1 hour

  • Corporate
  • Early Stage
  • Growth Stage
  • Public

Join us and be part of a supportive community that understands the unique journey you’re embarking on. Whether you’re looking to share your progress, gain insights from experienced intrapreneurs, or find solutions to your corporate startup challenges, this meetup is where intrapreneurs thrive. We can’t wait to welcome you to our next gathering!

Event Start Date:
January 12, 2024
Event End Date:
January 12, 2024
Event Venue:

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, large corporations are increasingly turning to their intrapreneurs to foster innovation, drive growth, and stay competitive. If you’re an intrapreneur working to develop a startup venture within the confines of a corporate structure, this meetup is designed specifically for you.


– Networking: Kick off the event with networking, connecting with like-minded intrapreneurs from various industries and backgrounds.

– Guest Speaker: Some meetups will feature a seasoned guest speaker, a corporate intrapreneurship expert, or a successful startup founder. Gain valuable insights and inspiration from their experiences.

– Troubleshooting Workshops: Dive deep into common intrapreneurship hurdles and participate in workshops designed to brainstorm solutions and share advice.

– Open Forum: Contribute to open forum discussions, ask questions, and explore the possibilities and challenges of intrapreneurship.

Who Should Attend:

– Corporate Intrapreneurs

– Innovation Teams

-Corporate Executives

– Startups within Corporations

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