Design Sprints with Moonshot: Deciding, Voting & Alignment

05/06/2021 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm CST Virtual

1 hour

  • Corporate
  • Early Stage
  • Growth Stage
Event Start Date:
May 19, 2024
Event End Date:
May 19, 2024
Event Venue:
Join us remotely for a monthly 90-minute workshop series for Design Sprint enthusiasts and practitioners to learn effective techniques.

Learn how to create a future your customers will love in a matter of days rather than months or years. Using the FUEL methodology as a framework, participants will combine design thinking and lean innovation to create lovable products and experiences for their customers.

This virtual session will focus on Deciding, Voting and Alignment which are all critical to enabling the speed of the Design Sprint. Activities will revolve around how to facilitate decisions with key stakeholders to commit confidently in an expedited time frame.


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Mike Kim  is the Head of Product Management at Moonshot by Pactera EDGE, a digital product studio based in Chicago. Mike helps companies adapt and institutionalize modern ways of working to deliver meaningful and lovable experiences to their customers. He has earned SPG/Marriott Platinum status by solely running and coaching design sprints around the world for his Fortune 100 clients and recently spoke at the Google Sprint Conference on running design sprints for the circular economy. He absolutely loves the 1Password app.