When you first heard about radio frequency identification (RFID) technology and its ability to automatically account for thousands of assets in mere seconds – without a single barcode scan – it was probably music to your ears, right? Then someone mentioned that RFID and metal don’t always mesh, and your tune changed?

Well, Kelly Breneisen and I are here to get you jumping and jiving again.

In this episode of That Supplies Show, we set the record straight on the relationship between RFID readers and metal and what you can do to make a strong, lasting connection. That’s right, it is possible to track metal assets with RFID. In fact, it’s recommended. You just need to make sure (like everything else) that you select the right RFID tags/labels and printers.

Why printers, you ask?

You’ll have to tune in for that answer, along with more tips on how to become an RFID rockstar in this heavy metal world:

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