Chicago, Illinois – “QB,” the leader of investor-friendly Chicago general contractors, is thrilled to announce the QB Instant Estimate.

New Technology for Real Estate Investors: The “QB Instant Estimate”
 Focused on working with real estate investors, used its experience, past projects and tech know-how to address every real estate investor’s biggest pain point: estimating renovation costs.  While just a precursor for what is to come, the “QB Instant Estimate” is far ahead of its time in the antiquated residential construction industry.  Clients can now quickly determine an approximate idea of their project costs within seconds, enhancing the overall customer experience.

This cutting-edge tool provides a detailed overview of the two most common renovation types real estate investors complete, a cosmetic and full-gut renovation.  Once investors plug in the property type (# of units, if multi-family), square footage, and renovation type users receive a comprehensive breakdown of cost per unit, cost per square foot, and cost per trade.   Clients are also able to toggle between three different finish levels and are provided an estimate duration of the project.

While there are a number of estimators on the internet, the QB Instant Estimate draws from real world past projects and is designed with the end user in mind, real estate investors.  Founder Jonathan Klemm stated “‘Our QB Tech Team dedicated extensive time to fine-tune the UI (user interface) and UX (user experience), ensuring a user-friendly design. Although much more to come, the end result is a real world forecasting tool that provides a seamless and intuitive experience on both desktop and mobile.”  

To explore the Instant Estimate feature, we invite you to visit our new website at

Since its inception in 2021 by Jonathan Klemm, the company has experienced remarkable growth under the guidance of co-founders Bolanle Ogunmakin and Tom Zidron, evolving into a general contracting technology (GC-tech) firm that has transformed numerous single-family and multi-family projects across Chicago neighborhoods.

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