The power of Chicagoland

Whether you are an entrepreneur, small business owner, or local organization, you play a role in making Chicago great. We’re here to support you with access to resources, opportunities to expand your community, and the ability to highlight your success stories.

Uplifting local

1871 is committed to uplifting entrepreneurs and small businesses throughout the 77 Chicago neighborhoods through providing resources to solve tough challenges and grow.

Through DGTL and the Small Business Initiative(SBI), we provide entrepreneurs and small business owners with two distinct opportunities to engage in our community.

Stronger Together

1871 proudly partners with organizations
across Chicago’s neighborhoods.

Join 1871’s small business initiative

1871 is now providing direct support to small business owners across Chicago and beyond, through its new Small Business Initiative.

  • Access free resources to digitize your businesses
  • Get matched with mentors and leverage their expertise


Our goal with DGTL pilot is to equip Chicago’s neighborhood entrepreneurs with the tools they need to grow successful businesses. We’re now piloting DGTL: Explore with ~ 100 local entrepreneurs and small businesses of Chicago.


Are you interested in connecting with 1871 and our work in Chicago’s Neighborhoods, but not sure where you fit in? Leave us a message and we will get in touch with you soon!