Watch CEO Betsy Ziegler share her vision for the future for the 1871 community of innovators & leaders! 

Below she shares a note on the path forward: 

A note from Betsy

It’s a pleasure to cap off our 10 Year Anniversary week with a note to all of you about what’s next for us as we enter our second decade. The constraints and challenges of the last 24 months serve as a gift. A gift that has motivated us to think differently, adapt quickly, and focus keenly on what value we really provide. The heroes of our story are all of you—the people and teams that are making change happen.

Our ability to support the entire maturity curve from “idea” to growth to Fortune 50,  and do this in a remote-first, geographically boundary-less way creates a source of competitive advantage and puts us in situations where we find ourselves thinking and saying, “Only 1871 can do this”. 

My job and my team’s job is to increase the probability of success for each person we work with and shorten the time frame for them to reach that success. We focus on creating the conditions for people to thrive no matter how they engage, where they are on their journey, or where they live in the world. 

1871 sits at the center of the startup economic development engine. Our goal is to catalyze new business growth in every corner of the city, state, country, and beyond.

We are on the precipice of unleashing inclusive growth. Leveraging our extraordinary foundation, record of impact, and our capabilities built over the last 24 months, we will be launching a coordinated network of collected people (B2C) and locations (B2B2C) as part of a mutually beneficial network, powered by 1871.

There is an enormous opportunity to create great network effects by connecting all the nodes together into one bigger network, all working to advance tech and entrepreneurship, and job growth forward

We want to be the AND  to partners—universities, chambers of commerce, innovation centers—far and wide. The hyperlocal experience we deliver in Chicago and they deliver in their home geographies AND the digitally connected network of all of us working together. This ​​digital platform has the potential to be the largest single-entry point for any entrepreneur, growth leader, or corporate innovator in the world.  


“People like us, do things like this” — Seth Godin

 We are lucky to be surrounded by this community of problem solvers, abundant thinkers, and believers that when we pair people and technology any problem can be solved.

It’s a joy to share this journey with you. The 1871 team continues to crush it. Their ability to shape shift and adapt to the changing circumstances is inspiring. We are ready to conquer the next chapter of 1871! 

Together we can advance the world forward.

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