Innovation Lab

1871’s AI Innovation Lab connects early, growth and late stage startups, corporates, and VCs who use Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning technology.

Current partners: Why of AIDiscover, McKinsey & Company , Chicago Cubs

AI Innovation Lab

1871’s AI Innovation Lab connects early startups, growth-scalers, corporates, and VCs who use or aspire to use Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning technology. App deadline now extended to 3.10!

“3 months, where they get content, support, resources, and networking”

1871’s CXO Stephanie Miller discusses the AI Innovation Lab.

AI Innovation Lab 2023

In progress

Key details

3 months | Immersive | Hybrid

Runs: 4.3.23 - 6.30.23

What's included for participants

•Unique benefits per business stages

• Inclusion on 1871 press release

• Immersive  programming by experts

• Community of peers

• Growth stage gets 3 months of 1871 membership after  program + during

• Featured at AI Innovation Summit

Who's in the lab>>

Growth stage startups

Late stage lab partners

Corporate lab partners

Built with industry experts

Execution partner

There is a lot of buzz right now around AI for good reason. It’s rapidly advancing and being applied in very impactful ways in the real world, and it has huge transformative & disruptive potential.”

Alex Castrounis, Founder & CEO @ Why of AI

Join the lab

Growth stage startups

For an AI tech company with a demonstrated product market fit that is poised to grow.

Exclusive benefits
  • Share their product with Corporate partners, strategic investors, and other growth-stage companies
  • Iterate faster and level up their product and business strategy
  • Tap into advice from the best AI tech companies
  • Gain a deeper understanding of industry trends and positioning
  • Connect with up and coming AI talent and products
  • Create a network of peers in their industry
Apps have closed for 2023

Late stage lab partner

For late stage AI companies interested in making their name as an industry expert and influencing major industry outcomes.

Exclusive benefits
  • Emerge as a showcased thought leader
  • Access to AI-curious corporations exploring their strategy
  • Give back by mentoring growth-stage startups
  • Network with leaders in the industry
  • Amplify your brand at the AI Summit on 6/29/23
  • Connect with the largest operators as well as the up-and-coming AI talent and products
  • Connect with up and coming AI talent and products
  • Explore curated connections between potential partners and VC’s
Lab has closed for 2023

lab partners

For corporates looking to innovate and accelerate AI tech solutions.

Exclusive benefits
  • Network and learn from AI thought leaders
  • Connect with emerging tech talent through our AI tech challenge
  • Meet with start-ups and entrepreneurs at the cutting edge of AI technology related to your business needs and objectives 
  • Amplify your company thought leaders through AI workshops and panels 
  • Gain peer to peer access and insights from industry leaders at other partner companies 
  • Seat on 1871’s AI Innovation Advisory Council with like minded industry experts
Lab has closed for 2023

Lab timeline


Week 1

4.3.23 - 4.7.23 [Virtual]

Week 2

5.1.23 - 5.5.23 [In-person]

* open to public*

Week 3

5.30.23 - 6.02.23 [Virtual]

Week 4

6.26.23 - 6.30.23 [In-person]

AI Innovation Summit

6.29.23 [In-person]

Capstone event w/ public showcase

Supported by

Anchor partner

“At Discover, we strive to be the leading Digital Bank and Payments Network with a focus on Customer interactions as our #1 priority. AI helps drive insights from patterns of Customer needs in a faster, more accurate, and timely manner.”

Keith Toney, EVP / Chief Data & Analytics Officer @ Discover

At McKinsey, we accelerate sustainable and inclusive growth. We partner with bold leaders to unlock innovation, transform through digital and AI, and develop the skills and capabilities across their organization to identify a strategy that reshapes our collective future.

Satya Rao, Partner @ McKinsey & Company

General partner

2023 AI Innovation Summit

Join us on 6.29.23 for our first-ever AI Summit event to bring early, growth and late stage startups, corporate innovators, mentors, venture capitalists, and community leaders together to discuss the cutting edge of AI innovation.

Why AI?

This is the third innovation lab. Like any lab, the goal is to bring together startups, corporations, investors, etc., to collectively solve the biggest challenges in an industry or an emerging technology. The AI Innovation Lab focuses on how AI can be applied to solve various problems within other industries as well as what the future of AI holds.”

Rachel Feuerborn, CPO @ 1871​

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