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Being a founder is hard; every startup needs a support system to launch ⏤ that’s us. 1871’s PYROS initiative puts you on the trajectory to success.

Four Stages

Every startup goes through these stages; entry into the right stage ensures you have access to the right resources at exactly the right moment.


You’ve got an idea or early stage product that you’re passionate about. You can’t wait to test it.


You’ve validated and deeply understand a problem worth solving, including the business model to prove it. You’re talking to customers with early market signs that you’re on the right track.


Customers love your product and you are ready to take off. You’ve got the data to show it and a robust analytics funnel to analyze the results of growth tests.


It’s time to scale your business to new heights. You’re looking into customer retention and loyalty while expanding into new markets.

Most Growth Stage founders raised a seed round of < $250k or bootstrapped to profitability and are working toward product/market fit.

Product Strategy

Business Fundamentals

Leadership Development

Each stage is designed to bolster three pillars of personal growth for founders:


In Pyros, you’re placed into a community of your peers and on the trajectory toward success. You’ll gain an understanding about what comes next for your business and for you, as a founder.

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How to produce human voice narrations for digital content

Ways to close gaps in my business’ momentum

More security as a founder

“I came in with this assumption that I knew what I was doing and the first thing I learned was that I don’t, I don’t know what I’m doing. But the second thing I learned was 1871 is a place where you can, you can learn how to do those things or you can learn how to cover those gaps.”

Who are we looking for?

We are seeking Founders who:

  • Deeply understand the problem they are solving
  • Are eager to learn
  • Want to push themselves to the next level
  • Thrive in group learning environments

Three easy steps to initiate PYROS for your business:

  1. Join below and become an 1871 member
  2. Work with your advisor to select a program
  3. Start your membership to join your cohort